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I love marketing, rant ahead.

article from AdAge 2/20/17

article from AdAge 2/20/17

I've been catching up with reading stuff that came while I was away in Australia. While browsing AdAge I read this (above- it's behind a paywall so I couldn't link it and if they find it they'll probs make me take it down so read fast!) and it made my stomach turn...Chlorox, a huge corporation that does $5.8 BILLION in annual sales, went to Kickstarter to launch a brand to make it seem more authentic as a small brand. WTF? When the whole world is talking about authenticity & transparency, this is what they think is a good strategy? The article even quotes one of the guys from Chlorox's 'Emerging Brands' team saying that it was less about money and more about giving the impression that they are "entrepreneurial and scrappy." They'll attempt to justify it by stating that it is, in fact, a small brand (that they purchased five years ago) with a solid backstory based on immigrant's coming together to create a new flavour fusion but I think the more important issue is that they are betraying that story by pretending to be something that they're not.

I love marketing, I really do. I love to see smart moves on behalf of brands that get us excited as consumers and make us want to look deeper but this is so low I couldn't believe they could do it in good conscience. But, there's no conscience involved here, is there? They wonder why people don't want to buy from huge corporations anymore, but actually, they know why (they don't trust them) and yet....